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At THEO Academy, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge learning experiences that empower you to master laser welding techniques safely and efficiently. Our courses are meticulously designed to offer both foundational knowledge and advanced skills, catering to beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

What to expect

Our current curriculum covers everything from the basics of laser technology and safety protocols to in-depth discussions on best practices and operational techniques. Each course is:

Structured to ensure a comprehensive understanding

Supported by practical demonstrations and expert guidance

Complimented with interactive quizzes to enhance your learning experience

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In our introductory course, Fundamentals of Laser Welding Safety, we focus on the crucial aspects of safety that are essential for both novice and experienced welders working with laser technology.

This course covers how lasers work, the types of lasers used in welding, and why their unique properties require specific safety measures. 

Click the video to watch the course introduction, but you will need to log in or register to participate in the remaining 7 chapters and get certified.

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